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 Adobe Audition® File Management Utility


MediaSweeper© is a utility to identify and manage unused files from your Adobe Audition® sessions (ses, xml & sesx), your Cockos Inc Reaper project files and your Sony Vegas (veg) project files.

We know the benefits of using Digital Audio Workstation software but one drawback is the numerous files which can be created during a recording session.  It is hard to manually identify the unused files and this results in lots of wasted disk space.

MediaSweeper© identifies and optionally moves these files to another location for easy deletion or backup.  It has been tested on a wide range of Audition® 1.5, 2 and 3 session files and many from Cool Edit Pro® , Vegas versions 9 & 10 as well as numerous versions of Reaper as well as the latest Audition CS5 & 6.  MediaSweeper© runs under both Microsoft® XP, Vista and Win7.

MediaSweeper© caters for multiple session/project files and prevents accidental deletion of often used file types via user defined filespecs

MediaSweeper© identifies the files used within the session/project as well as all other files that were located in the session file folder as well as the '_Recorded' folder if it exists.

MediaSweeper© is donationware which means that while programs are free to download and use you are welcome to make a $10USD gift to help towards development costs.

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You can send a $10USD donation through PayPal even without a PayPal account.

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Download MediaSweeper.zip

Version 6.00  - 4.5mb
Totally rewritten installation package


Download MediaSweeper User Guide


Download MediaSweeper Portable


Feel free to email and tell us what you think of MediaSweeper